Empowering E-marketing

Swiftpage Connect is a standalone automated marketing solution where all of your contact relations begin and develop. Swiftpage Connect lives on Swiftpage servers so you can access it from anywhere you are.

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Reach Your Contacts

Swiftpage Connect’s Email Marketing gives you the tools to build beautiful email templates and deliver them efficiently with smart sending features such as send now, schedule to send and send as.  Swiftpage Connect’s List Manager allows you to import your list and segment into dynamic groups for effortless management.
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Grow Your Database

Build and manage your list of contacts by importing one or many lists to Swiftpage Connect’s List Manager. And Swiftpage Connect’s Survey Tool allows you to collect quality new leads and gather more information from your current contacts. You can map your survey fields directly back into Swiftpage Connect’s List Manager to build and update your list.
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Qualify Your Leads

Swiftpage Connect Call List ranks your contacts so you know who to follow up with first. You can see exactly how your contacts interacted with your message, and gauge the success of your email blast with Swiftpage Connect’s detailed and graphical reporting features including opens, clicks, and bounces.
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Automate Your Business

Swiftpage Connect’s powerful Drip Marketing gives you the ability to easily generate intelligent marketing campaigns that are executed automatically. With various communication options, scheduling flexibility, and intelligent conditional branching, you’re sure to create the perfect Drip Marketing campaign for your situation. Automatically send your marketing messages to your survey respondents with Swiftpage Connect Autoresponder and Drip Marketing Autoloader.
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  • Survey and Call List

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Swiftpage offers several tools to ensure that your emails get delivered with ISP management, domain protection, blacklist monitoring, Swiftpage Spam Check, and SPF record creation.