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Automated Marketing Definitions and Concepts

Lead Nurturing is a relationship driven sales and marketing process designed so leads, clients and customers connect to your business at the optimal points in time.

Additional Definitions:

"Lead nurturing is not just sending a monthly email newsletter to your entire database, or calling prospects every few weeks to see if they are ready to buy yet. It is your opportunity to build a relationship with a real person and progressively understand more about his needs". - Jon Miller

"Lead nurturing is all about having consistent and meaningful communication with viable prospects regardless of their timing to buy." - Brian Carroll

"Think of lead nurturing as a process of micro-conversions based on the multiple conversations you're having"- Brian Carroll

Why Now?

The days of sporadic, one-time marketing and sales campaigns are over. Finding the difference between making "touches" or overwhelming your prospects with information becomes a real issue. More resources are available to people than ever before, and making contact when they are ready becomes a key component. This is where Lead Nurturing comes in.

How is Lead Nurturing helpful?

1) Creates value by building credibility and initiating the trust necessary for a sale.
2) Allows you to keep up with both warm and cold leads consistently and effectively.
3) Integrates online and offline sales and marketing efforts.
4) Removes repetitive manual tasks.
5) Produces a consistent system from which you can improve and analyze from.
6) Allows you to adapt to what prospects have done by seeing their actions and delivering an appropriate message as a result.

By delivering your ACT! leads and current customers a consistent, relevant and highly targeted message, you can create an ongoing conversation with them to gaining loyalty and trust for your business. While freeing up your sales and marketing time to focus on converting the people who are truly interested in your business and leaving the automation system to warm the rest.

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