Article: Campaign Intelligence and Management


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Campaign Intelligence and Management

Communicating with your customers in a relevant and timely manner is critical in keeping and creating business. Some marketing approaches allow for a "one size fits all" response to each customer regardless of their interaction with your company. For instance, your customer gets the same response whether they requested more information, filled out a survey or purchased a product or service. This generic communication fails to provide useful information and make key connections with clients as they move through the customer cycle.

Often times you may have a specific series of communications laid out for each type of client, like prospect vs. customer. Profiling your audience and sending specific messages to people based on where they are in the purchase cycle will yield greater results than generic messaging. However, it can be tricky to manage these communications as your clients move from one stage to the next. Manually determining who should be receiving which set of messages and when, often times makes this type of relevant and focused communication impossible.

Swiftpage Drip Marketing is an automated system that can determine when a customer's status has changed and use customer actions to deliver communications that are logical and relevant. Drip Marketing works seamlessly with your ACT! database to determine which stage your customer is in and deliver the appropriate messages to them at the right time.

Examples of a Drip Marketing Automated Campaign Action:

1) A client did not open your last email campaign > a postcard is delivered in the mail instead.

2) An email recipient clicked on a link to your latest product > they are placed into a new Drip Marketing campaign sequence specifically for that product.

3) A website visitor has filled out a registration survey > have a list exported to you with the latest sign-ups.

Managing your campaign sequences:

What currently happens to your marketing campaigns when a new budget constraint is added? How do you approach coordinating your lists between team members?

Pause a campaign at any stage within your campaign sequence. This will suspend the campaign at that point until the suspension is removed, eliminating improper message delivery.

Analyze the performance of your campaign to make sure certain criteria needs are being met before the next series of materials is executed.

Need to know which of your ACT! contacts are registered for the webinar? Have the list exported directly to a specific sales team member.