Article: Lead Management - Stop Wasting Time and Money


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Lead Management - Stop Wasting Time and Money

by Dan Ogdon

You’ve acquired a list of 500 names. However, you don’t have permission to send email to this group. You decide to have your sales team contact every new lead, gauge interest and try to form a relationship. As a result, your sales team is not making qualified calls to existing prospects in order to move them through the sales funnel. So this “profiling” call to new leads all of a sudden becomes incredibly expensive.

This issue of the Swiftpage Thoughspot talks about an alternative method to new lead management. One that exposes leads that are interested, begins a conversation about your products/services and drives qualified follow up calls to your sales staff – calls that have much more potential to generate new revenue.

You've acquired a list of 500 leads - you have no idea who they are, but you know they fit into the profile of who a potential customer is. Rather than tasking your sales staff with costly cold calls without any direction, drop a postcard to each new lead that promises a value added resource if they visit a landing page. Something like a targeted whitepaper, industry report or webcast.

You've dropped your postcard and due to the subject matter are getting a great response to your landing page. Before giving away your whitepaper or industry report, make people give you contact and profile information - specifically email address. Now you have permission to continue your relationship in a digital manner.

Now, over the course of the next 60 to 90 days you should drop 4 to6 emails further developing and engaging the lead. And as a Swiftpage user, create 2-3 Call Lists from the email results and pass on to your sales team to make a call. This call is qualified.

This lead has:

That kind of engagement justifies a phone call from your sales staff - that lead is no longer a lead, but rather a qualified customer and your staff never had to pick up the phone until they became one.

Oh yeah - Swiftpage Drip Marketing automates this entire process, so not only does your sales staff not make a call until it is warranted, you don't have to worry about pushing buttons and managing leads. See exactly how Swiftpage can help you manage new leads with a Postcard >>

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