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Acquiring new leads is a key component of any business. One effective way to build your database is by offering an incentive of some kind for people who provide you with their contact information. Offer things such as a white paper or industry report. Or try hosting a webinar on a relevant industry topic or give a discount in exchange for contact information. Providing these things not only provides you with new prospects, but it benefits your potential customer and gains you credibility in your industry.

Here is an example of how a Mortgage Broker could use a white paper to automatically increase a list size and drive business:

Day 1 - Swiftpage Survey

Marketing purpose: Get and Process Prospect Information

What to include: Link to the survey on your website where visitors can fill out their contact info (name, email, phone, postal address) in exchange for your Whitepaper.

Day 1

Marketing purpose: Thank You / Report Download

What to include: By using the Autoloader feature in the survey options, Swiftpage can automatically load them into a Drip Marketing campaign. In this stage, a thank-you email that contains a PDF link to download your Whitepaper will be sent right away.

[Direct Mail]
Day 1

Marketing purpose: White Paper Delivery

What to include: For those that requested a physical information packet in the mail, send the list of prospects to your direct mail provider.

Day 3

Marketing purpose: Reminder Call

What to include: Alert prospects who requested physical delivery that it is being delivered in the next day or two over the phone.

Day 10

Marketing purpose: Follow Up Email and Helpful Hints

What to include: See if you can answer any questions about the Whitepaper and add additional value to your email with a few helpful tips.

Day 15

Marketing purpose: Testimonial Postcard

What to include: Re-introduce yourself in print form to increase your brand awareness and market credibility.

Day 25

Marketing purpose: Helpful Hints and Special Promotion

What to include: Introduce a special promotion, cross-sell your services or link to another related white paper at this time.

Your incentive program allows you to build your contact list, increase awareness of your company and gain credibility in your industry. Drip Marketing allows you to nurture those new leads, taking them from cold contacts to long-time customers in an easy and automated process.