Create a Survey Form

Learn how to create a survey - as well as best practices on how to use it.

Create a Survey Form

This section will review:

Survey Management (view your survey, create or delete surveys, switch between surveys)
Survey Design (add, reorder and delete questions, add background page, survey title, instructions)
Best Practices, Tips and Tricks via Swiftpage Blog Posts and Articles
...and so much more!

Attend a Live Demo

Attend a Live DemoLearn how to create a template and more within this basic webinar. Your host will review the major functionality features of Swiftpage, including how to create an email template within the Online Editor.

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Watch a Video

Watch a VideoLearn how to create a new template from in Swiftpage's Online Editor. Video reviews the Template Library (saving your template), Content Editor (images, text, PDFs) , and Customize Templates (colors, column width) and more.

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Swiftpage Blog Posts - Surveys

Top 5 Ways to Build Your Email List - Some tips and explainations on how you can build your email list utilizing surveys and other methods.

Survey Series Part 1 of 4: Uno Intro - Exactly how and why you need to include surveys in your marketing repertoire to deliver valuable information to your own doorstep.

Survey Series Part 2 of 4: Content Sherpas - Certainly no one will beat down your door to take your survey, unless there is something worthwhile on the other end of that thing. Learn what to do.

Survey Series Part 3 of 4: A Handsom Reward - Be sure to make your survey landing page clear though and enticing, that at the end of this tiny little survey, the customer will receive something shiny, new, and fun.

Survey Series Part 4 of 4: The Whole Enchilada - A comical comparison of the author's favorite food to emails, surveys and landing pages. See how it all comes together.


Swiftpage Blog Posts - FAQ of the Week

How does a survey work?

How do I create a survey?

Do Swiftpage surveys have the ability to do registrations?


Swiftpage Articles

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