Thought Leader Series

Expert interviews and insights on Automated Marketing

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Emerging technologies like social media, cloud computing and automated marketing will be broken down to their most simple and useful forms each month by one of our expert guests. Each month we will be sitting down with an industry expert to get their opinions and insight in an interview with Swiftpage’s CEO, Bob Ogdon. Each interview will take a close look at how small to medium sized businesses can truly make a difference with the latest and greatest tools out there today.

We’ll be interviewing an array of experts who will provide you with valuable knowledge and takeaways to apply to your own business. From popular bloggers, tweeters, business owners, industry leaders, you name it, we’ll be grilling them to find out which pieces are and aren’t relevant to a normal business owner who in most cases wear several different hats for their organization.

What You’ll Learn:

With all of the communication channels and opinions out there today, we will help you cut to the source and really determine the value to you in all of this buzz and hoopla. We hope you can join us for these insightful interviews and if you aren’t able to make it, we will be keeping an archive of each interview below for you to reference at a later date.

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Next in the Series :

How to Build an E-Marketing Strategy That Drives Sales
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