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Use your co-op reimbursement towards our many E-marketing features,
and access pre-created Sage Templates!


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Become a Reseller and Use Swiftpage FreeBecome a Reseller and
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Add value to your customer's purchase by offering your clients Swiftpage's powerful services. Not only that, but you get to use Swiftpage free and earn commissions from your sale!

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Free Sage TemplatesFree Sage Templates

Utilize professional Sage email templates already loaded into your Swiftpage account to effectively reach your contacts and watch your contact information automatically populate the templates.

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Co-Op Approved and Award WinningNorth American Co-Op Approved

Since Swiftpage is approved for Sage North America's co-op debit program, you only pay a fraction of the retail price for this powerful and award winning service.

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Autmated Marketing FeaturesAutomated Marketing Features

Reach your contacts from your database with our integrated email marketing; grow your database with our powerful survey tool; qualify your contacts with the Swiftpage Call List; and automate your marketing with intelligent Drip Marketing campaigns.

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